A Woman Is A Woman is a powerful tool in engaging people in any organizations to understand transwomen and the issues faced by them before and after transition.  They are fighting for gender justice and they need you to alleviate the pain, struggle, bully and discrimnation they face in society.  We invite you to assist them by hosting one or more screenings at your organization.   We could offer after show Q & A session to collect feedback from the audience and to strengthen their understanding.  If your organization is based in Hong Kong, we could be physically present for the Q & A, otherwise we could arrange it over a Skype session.  



You could purchase a one off screening licence, a screening licence with Q & A, or an unlimited  organizational screening licence for a city.  Separate Q & A sessions could also be purchased for owners of unlimited screening licences.  You could also download our press kit to create your own promotional materials.