A Woman Is A Woman  has its premiere in Hong Kong on Nov 2, 2018 at UA Cine Times as a Charity Event for HER Fund raising a total of HKD90,000 to contribute to their cause of advancing women's rights at the grassroots level.   After this, we started screening the movie in 2019 at various organizations, movie houses, corporations, schools and international festivals across the globe with a social objective of conveying our message that "Transwoman Is Woman", or simply, "A Woman Is A Woman".  Find a screening below or register to host your own screening. 

Movie Still


We have wide range of screenings globally from public screenings in the community to screenings at various international film festivals.  Stayed tuned here. 


Anyone anywhere can organize their own screenings of "A Woman Is A Woman" at their own venue by placing an order.  Read click picture to read more here.



Vivian,  Lecturer

The story line  of Tomo is especially amazing.  She has become a woman but has to play back the time when she was  confused.  I watched it like bathing in a spring breeze. 

Kit , Filmmaker

Towards the end,  two transwomen  of different generations  pass each other , poetically suggesting  the  conflicts they face are similar, though it manifests differently  through the baptism of their own time. 

Eddy, Manager

The movie raised awareness of the struggle and issues faced by the transgender community today, and with the movie set in Hong Kong, it really resonated with our local employees.